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Keep the Magic Playing...

Our Summer Saturdays concert series is starting to take shape. We're working with bands and performers from a variety of genres that will offer something for everyone and fill the park with beautiful music.

So far, thanks to grants and individual donations we've raised about two thirds of what we need to put on our June to September season. Now we're trying to find the rest. It's important to us to pay the people who put so much time and effort into making wonderful music for us all. We can't compete with big venues, but we want to offer some compensation to our headliners, even though they often work for a fraction of what they might pull in elsewhere because they love playing for you at WCP.

So, we'll keep filling up the schedule as much as we can. The truth is, no matter how many concerts there are each one will bring our community together in a special way, in a special place.

Can you be part of this magic? If you can, donate to our special Music Fund to keep the music playing. If that's a stretch, you could reach out and sign up for a couple of concerts to help with stage set up or break down. Or mow the grass/tidy up the park before concerts. Or make signs, post flyers -- we've got a ton of things that are fun AND useful that need to be done. Use the contact form or email address on our website for more info.

The music fund donation page is below -- and THANKS for making it real:

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