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Just Our Type

There are so many beautiful (and edible!) trees and plants growing in the park that it's easy to overlook some of the hidden treasures that are only revealed by close inspection.

A frosty morning highlights one of our found objects. It's not something you'd generally expect to find in a garden, but this old typewriter showed up under a bush one day. It fascinated our volunteers and wound up blended into the landscaping like yard art.

"Hidden Treasures" is the theme for some new activities we're working on for the fall and winter seasons, times when we all need a little inspiration to get out and walk around this lovely green space. Launching soon will be a fun project for kids (and young-at-heart non-kids) that we're very excited about. It will involve creating, and hiding, and finding, and can be done independently but appreciated by everyone.

Stay tuned. And keep an eye out for special treasures you might find.

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