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It's Not Over Yet!

You know how summer seems to have just started, and suddenly we're in September? Don't let that fool you -- West Central Park is packing a ton of fun into the next two weeks.

This weekend the Saturday Market (from 9 to 2) will be followed in the evening by The Hinges at 7pm, a concert nobody will want to miss. On Sunday we welcome the Olympia Zine Fest back for a second year. They'll fill the park with all things graphic and zine-y from 11 to 4 -- a treat for local art and zine lovers. Sophie's Scoops will be keeping things cool. Check @olympiazinefest for details.

The following Saturday, September 10th, will bring something we've all been waiting for, the Luminary Celebration -- which this year features some of the Procession Luminaries we haven't seen since the Before (Covid) Times, enlivened by the Artesian Rumble Archestra. Bring your own lights and energy and dance around the park with us. We'll be gathering in the events area just before dusk and expect the celebration to commence at 8pm.

Join your friends and neighbors, and all the park people, as we celebrate summer and the chance to be together in this amazing place.

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