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Homemade Serenades Keep Music Playing at the Park

When we realized that the emergency Stay Home, Stay Safe orders meant we likely would not be able to host our free concert series this summer, we were really sad. For about an hour. Then we realized that we knew a lot of musicians who were stuck at home without a stage to play on, and a lot of folks in the community would would love to listen to them. Our new project, the Homemade Serenades from Around Puget Sound (thanks to Lori for the great name) was born.

Yesterday we launched our first set of "quaran-tunes." We hope you'll enjoy the variety of music we have planned. If you're inspired and able to support this effort, all donations from the Homemade Serenades will be split between the musicians and the Park.

PS - if you haven't signed up for our newsletter, go to our home page and scroll down to the newsletter signup form. You'll get announcements of the next music videos, WCP happenings, and more!

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