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Eat Your Park

There are so many things a park can be! WCP is working to expand the definition by including edible landscaping, from Kiwi berries and blueberries to our raised and in-ground beds. We're looking for a few groups who might want to adopt a bed or area and plant food for themselves and to share with others in the community. If you or your group might be interested, let us know -- it's not too early to start planning. "Imagine strolling through an urban public park, admiring the trees and flowers. Your stomach starts to rumble. You reach up and pluck a few greengage plums from the tree overhead, and munch them as you continue walking. Later, perhaps, you stop to help a group of volunteers dig up potatoes from the park’s root vegetable garden, to be placed in crates and cycled to the nearby food pantry. Is this the park of the future?" -- Smithsonian Magazine

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