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Calling All Pruners! Sunday 13th & 20th

People love grazing on the park's sweet kiwis and kiwi berries, grapes and figs. Right NOW is when we need to prune those wild vines and make sure there will be lots of fruit to share next year.

We could really use your help this Sunday the 13th (yes, we know there's a game of some sort on somewhere) and next Sunday on the 20th. Have fun, meet great people, and you'll watch the fruit ripen this summer knowing you helped make it so!

Come on over this Sunday the 13th and/or Sunday the 20th during regular work party hours 11am to 1pm. We have cleaned & sanitized tools & gloves you can use. We need folks to prune, chop branches, haul and steady ladders. Hope to see you there!

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