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Homemade Serenades


Around Puget Sound

Set Three Featuring: Theo Ragan

Homemade Serenade for West Central Park

Homemade Serenade for West Central Park

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Theo has played piano for 15 years and has been a performer and teacher in the Olympia area for 7 years. He plays with local funk and jazz bands including Luna Melt, Monkflower, and Vendredi's bag.

Theo teaches classical and modern piano lessons to anyone interested (viaZoom nowadays) and can be reached at

Help Keep the Music Playing

Can you help support our musicians and the music programs at West Central Park? Click on the hat to make a donation in any amount that we'll share with the  musician.

Musicians interested in being part of our Homemade Serenade series are invited to contact us for submission guidelines and other details.

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