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Homemade Serenades


Around Puget Sound

Set Two Featuring: Josh DiStefano

Homemade Serenade for West Central Park

Homemade Serenade for West Central Park

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A master jazz pianist, composer, and educator,  Josh just completed  a 23-year career as a US Army musician.  He earned a music degree from the Berklee College of Music and a Master degree in jazz In Jazz Studies from Rowan University.  In addition to teach, Josh plays with the Jazz Senators, the Northwest’s premiere big jazz band.


You can hear more of his music on his web site, Josh and some of his music videos and a new series on keeping time in music are posted on YouTube.  

He lives in Lacey, Washington, with his wife and three children.

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Musicians interested in being part of our Homemade Serenade series are invited to contact us for submission guidelines and other details.

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