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Board of Directors

As a 501c3 nonprofit, West Central Park Project is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors drawn from our community, serving 3 year terms. Each member of the board brings a different perspective and varied skills to the work of supporting and growing the park. Officers are elected by the board from among its members.

We continue to build on the sturdy physical and organizational structures created by the stalwart founding group who created the park. We welcome new board members and invite inquiries from anyone who is motivated, as we are, to expand and deepen our mission

Amy Sewell


Amy joined the board in 2023, bringing her nonprofit organizational and financial experience as well as skills in making and creating things. She loves gardening and music, and you can meet her at most of our concerts and events pitching in where needed.

Thea LaCross


Thea joined the board in 2019 after a volunteer stint helping out with bookkeeping tasks. She is deeply interested in community resilience and the ways in which common spaces can bring neighborhoods together, and loves music of all kinds. Thea is certified in nonprofit financial management and works with a number of nonprofit organizations throughout the state.  

Josh Justice

Past President

Josh Justice has been with West Central Park and West Central Neighborhood since 2016. His many masonry projects around the property include installing the paved paths and ramp at Phoebe's and the Marie; drawing up plans and helping construct the Marie cottages; and installing the tile flooring on the rooftop of the Cafe. He loves to see how the park brings the community together -- especially during movie nights. If you see him in the park, feel free to ask him anything! 

Dave Humphreys

President - Founding Member

As a founding member of the West Central Park Project Board of Trustees, Dave has been with the organization since its inception in 2013. Initially, Dave's primary position was that of Volunteer Coordinator for the project, and he also contributed to the early development of policies and bylaws, as well as providing manual labor. Since then, Dave has transitioned into the position of Landscaping Lead and is in charge of the care and cultivation of the plants and other physical features of West Central Park. Dave is a certified Thurston County WSU Extension Master Gardener and a native West Olympian. 

Kara Clow


Kara joined the board in 2024, with a keen interest in outreach and event planning as well as gardening and related skills.  Her years of work at the YMCA leading programs and supporting fundraising efforts have expanded our capacity in those areas.

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