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Homemade Serenades


Around Puget Sound

Set Five Featuring: Cool Breeze

Cool Breeze.jpg


Connie Bunyer, aka, Cool Breeze, studied music at Viterbo College, La Crosse, WI, SIU, Carbondale, IL; Evergreen State College, Olympia, WA; and Cornish Institute, Seattle, WA with extended studies of music and dance of Africa, Cuba, Haiti, Brazil, music and dance improvisation, and composition and technology.

She has been a local performer here for over 30 years with Obrador, Ocho Pies, Mud Bay Jugglers and Olympia Chamber Orchestra. Her solo act is the result of 5 years of sailboat cruising in Mexico, the Salish Sea and an ocean crossing to Hawai’i and Alaska.

Presently she is co-owner of the sailboat charter
business, Mystic Journeys,, in Olympia where she delights the clients with her
original songs from the sea.

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