The West Central Park Project

Alex Martin Alex has been volunteering at the West Central Park for several years. He enjoys spending his free time in the beautiful park with the other volunteers and getting good exercise doing the work to keep the park looking beautiful! [read more] Browse Volunteer Archives

Permit meeting

This was a meeting with Alicia Elliott and Steve Friddle going over the WCP vision, chronology, and site plans.  Permits for all the prospective park features were discussed, as well as the subject of how we can begin the process of getting a new water meter,  and what the alley vacation process … Read More

Preliminary board meeting

This was a preliminary board meeting with Alicia Elliott, Dennis Lyon, Ann Vandeman, Kathleen Byrd, and Peter Sanderson, at Dino’s coffee Shop and on site at Harrison and Division.  We discussed the site plans, the vision, the chronology, the web site and non profit status, and in addition, identified ourselves as the … Read More

Park Development Decision

It was decided that the park, instead of being given to the city,  would be developed by the neighbors, for the neighborhood, and that long term maintenance would be the responsibility of a “West Central Park – entity” that would belong to the community. This decision was arrived at through learning that … Read More

West Oly Farmer’s Market Meeting

Alicia meets with Kayla Mahnke, the marketing manager of the West Olympia Farmer’s Market about offering the site to the market for the 2013 market season. We discuss that there could be on site parking for this year alone, and then in future years, no parking, among other questions like water, electricity … Read More

Initial drawings and site plan  

Dennis Lyon draws the first site plans for our park.   The plans are an important step in honing the ideas for the park as well as enabling us to share ideas with the community. We have an ALTA Survey, and a preliminary color and black and white site plan. These plans … Read More

Park Development Meeting

This meeting with Jim Cooper, Linda Oestreich and Steve Hall was about whether the park should be developed privately or given to the city to develop. Pros and cons were weighed. The West Central Park’s (WCP) vision for a bathroom, a food kiosk and permanent checker boards were discussed, as well as … Read More

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