Public Hearing Update and More!

The neighborhood really turned out for the public hearing last Tuesday and that was by far the best part of the whole proceeding. The testimonies were very heartfelt and compelling and impressed both the City Council and the staff. The decision to vacate the alley and waive the compensation has … Continue reading

Work Party this Sunday and Public Hearing on Tuesday 2/28/17!

  Tomorrow, Sunday, February 26th there will be a regular work party session from 11-1 with all your favorite maintenance getting tackled! We’ll work on the lavender bed, tent maintenance, litter patrol and more. It’s always a social event too as volunteers like to swap stories as they work. Come … Continue reading

West Central Park Volunteer Work Party, Sunday 1/28/17, 11-1!

  Hey There Park Folk! The West Central Park will host another Sunday work party tomorrow, January 29th, 2017 from 11-1. We’ve been lucky with the weather for the work of cleaning and covering all of the beds systematically. Lots of wheelbarrows and shovels are available and it’s an awesome … Continue reading

Holiday Work Party, Park Lighting and Alley Vacation Petition!

Come out this Sunday from 11-1 and help us get our Christmas on! We’ll be decorating our own two lovely evergreens this year instead of getting a cut tree. Our Sequoia on Harrison and our Blue Pyramid Cypress on Division will be perfect for lights and decorations. Next week our … Continue reading

Work Party November 27 11-1, Parkside Cafe and Food Court Update!

  Hey there WCP Crew! Big huge thanks to all who came out last Sunday and got a lot of work done. Our two biggest tents 15’x15′ and 12’x12′ were successfully clean and dried and put away, and two more 10’x10′ were scrubbed and hung to dry. Tomorrow November 27th’s … Continue reading

Sunday Work Party, Pathway Lights and Food Court Update!

Hello Park Folk! As the volunteers and board members of West Central Park work to maintain a green, public open space that can serve the recreational, educational and creative needs of the community that surrounds it, it is our vision for the future that motivates our efforts. We envision a … Continue reading