Alicia Elliott | West Central Park Project

Alicia Elliott


Alicia has been a resident of Olympia since 1991.  She is the proud mother of two grown sons who live and study in Olympia currently. Her love of this small progressive community and her flair for real estate came together to inspire her vision for the corner of Harrison and Division Streets. She is a dedicated opponent of urban blight, pesticides, outsourcing and has worked hard to allocate as many resources that she can to improving the quality of life in Olympia. Alicia is committed to playing an active role in the change she wants to see.



Judy Lindlauf | West Central Park Project

Judy Lindlauf


Judy is a native of Olympia, a graduate of The Evergreen State College, and was employed at the College for 26 years. West Olympia is her home and neighborhood. She watched the corner of Harrison Ave. and Division St. become an eyesore over the years and was delighted when the property was purchased with the intent of developing a community park. Judy believes strongly that in this fast-paced technology-based society, people need a common green space to relax, talk, play, learn, and enjoy nature. She has served on the West Central Park Board of Trustees since the beginning in 2013 and was Recorder until March 2015 when she became Treasurer. She enjoys being a Park volunteer and seeing the property bloom and grow into a valued neighborhood resource.

Doug McChesney | West Central Park Project

Doug McChesney


Doug McChesney first found out about the West Central Park Project in a casual conversation with a friend. He investigated and, when he saw the Park taking shape, started volunteering at the work parties. He now serves as the Secretary of the Park’s Board of Trustees with his primary responsibilities being keeping meeting minutes and ensuring that Park conforms to the Washington Secretary of State’s requirements for non-profit corporations. Doug retired in 2005 from the Washington Department of Ecology’s Water Resources Program, where he worked on issues of water policy after having initially been a hydrogeologist. Doug maintains his passion for geology and in recent years has become particularly fond of the Grand Canyon. Some of Doug’s other interests include hiking, backpacking, white water kayaking, and soccer.

Joanna Lopez | West Central Park Project

Joanna Lopez

Administrative Director

As a lifelong resident of Thurston county, Joanna has been involved in the Olympia community all her life. She is passionate about helping individuals and families thrive and her background includes social services, environmental, and administrative work. She believes in the power and importance of strong, connected communities and sees the potential impact the West Central Park Project can have in this area. Her hope is that the WCPP will act as a bridge between those already thriving and those less fortunate within our community. Joanna is a small business owner, writer, visual artist, and plays an active role in business operations for the Park’s neighbor, the West Central Park Neighborhood Center. She is also a devoted wife and mother who is deeply committed to her spiritual life and enjoys reading, playing music, cooking, and spending time in the woods.

David Humphreys | West Central Park Project

David Humphreys

Volunteer Coordinator

Dave is a native West Olympian who has recently returned to his home town after living abroad for many years. He joined the West Central Park Project because immersing himself in another culture for two decades has given him a greater appreciation and understanding of his roots, and what better way to care for one’s roots than to help plant a park? Dave teaches English at Education First on the Evergreen campus.

Tucker Petertil | West Central Park Project

Tucker Petertil

Arts Coordinator

Tucker Petertil has worn many hats over the years; artist, engineer, writer, gardener, rock critic, musician and builder. He has lived in Chicago, Santa Cruz, CA, Waynesboro, TN, Miami FL and Champaign, IL and believes Olympia is special. An Evergreen graduate he also attended the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and has art in several collections around the state including: Seattle’s Shoreline Community College and Kent, WA’s Tahoma High School.

Chris Ruef | West Central Park Project

Chris Ruef

Construction Consultant

Chris has been in the construction business since 2001.  He specialized in home remodels and renovations, but has done all phases of construction.  Recently, Altis has gotten into the commercial end of construction with Phoebe’s Cafe, and the Parkside Cafe.  He loves Olympia, and has lived in the area for most of his life.  He has a 12 year old son, and coaches soccer and plays in an orchestra in his spare time.

James Simmons

Farm to Table Consultant