Board of Directors

Alicia Elliott, President


Alicia has been a resident of Olympia since 1991.  She is the proud mother of two grown sons who live and study in Olympia currently. Her love of this small progressive community and her flair for real estate came together to inspire her vision for the corner of Harrison and Division Streets. She is a dedicated opponent of urban blight, pesticides, outsourcing and has worked hard to allocate as many resources that she can to improving the quality of life in Olympia. Alicia is committed to playing an active role in the change she wants to see.

Daniel Cherniske, Vice President

Daniel CDaniel Cherniske has lived in Olympia for the majority of his life. He feels deeply committed to the growth and fostering of strong, healthy, and resilient communities and ecologies. Daniel works as an educator and consultant, teaching subjects such as aquaponics, food forestry, urban agriculture and more. Working as Vice President and lead education director for the West Central Park, Daniel shares his gifts and in tern learns and grows with this community creation.

David Humphreys, Volunteer Coordinator

CV photoDave is a native West Olympian who has recently returned to his home town after living abroad for many years. He joined the West Central Park Project because immersing himself in another culture for two decades has given him a greater appreciation and understanding of his roots, and what better way to care for one’s roots than to help plant a park? Dave teaches English at Education First on the Evergreen campus.

Doug McChesney, Secretary

DOUGDoug McChesney first found out about the West Central Park Project in a casual conversation with a friend. He investigated and, when he saw the Park taking shape, started volunteering at the work parties. He now serves as the Secretary of the Park’s Board of Trustees with his primary responsibilities being keeping meeting minutes and ensuring that Park conforms to the Washington Secretary of State’s requirements for non-profit corporations. Doug retired in 2005 from the Washington Department of Ecology’s Water Resources Program, where he worked on issues of water policy after having initially been a hydrogeologist. Doug maintains his passion for geology and in recent years has become particularly fond of the Grand Canyon. Some of Doug’s other interests include hiking, backpacking, white water kayaking, and soccer.

Judy Lindlauf, Treasurer

JudyJudy is a native of Olympia, a graduate of The Evergreen State College, and was employed at the College for 26 years. West Olympia is her home and neighborhood. She watched the corner of Harrison Ave. and Division St. become an eyesore over the years and was delighted when the property was purchased with the intent of developing a community park. Judy believes strongly that in this fast-paced technology-based society, people need a common green space to relax, talk, play, learn, and enjoy nature. She has served on the West Central Park Board of Trustees since the beginning in 2013 and was Recorder until March 2015 when she became Treasurer. She enjoys being a Park volunteer and seeing the property bloom and grow into a valued neighborhood resource.

Nathan Lusk, Park Leasing

NathanpicNathan Lusk is a barista, baker, and active community member. He helped organize the 2015 Olympia Village Building Convergence and has plugged in at GRuB, Habitat for Humanity, and Love our Local. Nathan is interested in building community partnerships with neighborhoods, local nonprofits and the faith community to fully realize the Park as a resource. In addition, he is the primary board member managing the Park’s food trucks and encourages anyone interested in partnering with the Park, food trucks or otherwise, to connect with him through The West Central Park Facebook page.

Seth Chance, Landscape Coordinator

SETHPICGrowing up in rural Georgia, I spent much of my time tromping through the forest and overgrown fields. I was always fascinated with nature, and especially with plants, an interest inherited from my father who has always been a gardener.  Two years into dabbling half-heartedly at other pursuits in college, I chanced to visit Washington state for the first time, and was immediately smitten.  The eternally verdant, moss-carpeted woods and snowy crags of the Pacific Northwest drew me, against the odds, to Olympia. Here I discovered what I believe is my life’s calling, working on the City’s park crew, helping to maintain and enhance the green spaces of my chosen home.  When the amazing opportunity to be part of the West Central Park Project came along, I realized it was the perfect opportunity to give more to the community while indulging my love of horticulture and landscaping.

Tucker Petertil, Arts Coordinator

TUCKPICTucker Petertil has worn many hats over the years; artist, engineer, writer, gardener, rock critic, musician and builder. He has lived in Chicago, Santa Cruz, CA, Waynesboro, TN, Miami FL and Champaign, IL and believes Olympia is special. An Evergreen graduate he also attended the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and has art in several collections around the state including: Seattle’s Shoreline Community College and Kent, WA’s Tahoma High School.

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